Meet Grady

Grady was born in 2005 with a very rare condition known as Prune Belly Syndrome. He has had numerous surgeries and procedures. In 2017 he had a medical condition that wasn't able to be fixed here in Tulsa. He was flown to St Louis Children's Hospital. He had the surgery in St Louis and has recovered from that.

MAKEOVER DATE: May 4, 2019
Disney Pixar Cars


This past year has been pretty hard for Grady. He has suffered from reoccurring pneumonia and has been hospitalized frequently. While healing from the pneumonia and trying to determine a cause, Grady has undergone another surgery and multiple procedures.

When Grady is feeling good he enjoys just being a normal kid. He loves playing with his sister Ryleigh and his brother Wyatt. He enjoys playing his iPad, cars, ninja turtles and watching movies. When the weather is nice he loves being in his power wheelchair outside.