ALEAH's Room

Sept 14, 2018

Room Theme Makeover Request:        Glam Girl Makeup Room

Makeover Date:                                    Sept. 14  in conjunction with United Way Day of Caring


Aleah, is a nine-year-old with chronic kidney disease, Alagille Syndrome.  Surgery was performed after birth to remove bile.   She was in the ICU for two months with Micromilieus.  The doctors did a biopsy at 4 years old and found out that her bile ducts were clamping.

In July 13, 2014, she received a new liver but Aleah’s new liver transplant is not taking.  Blood clots developed in the first 7 days. 

Aleah has been on the liver transplant list for the past 4 years waiting to receive a second liver.  She has arterial thrombosis and is on the list at Houston Texas Children Hospital  








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